3. Retrieve Overboard Articles

3. Retrieve Overboard Articles
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to make multiple retrieves before re- boarding the boat, deliver articles while swimming and the ability to retrieve an object below the water's surface from a swimming position.
Retrieving dummy
Float line
Buoy ball (all three articles may be placed in gear bag)
Boat with platform
3 minutes
Starting Position
The oars may be shipped inside the boat to insure a clear working area for the dog. On the judge's signal, the handler will empty the gear bag of articles OR toss the three articles into the water alongside and towards the rear of the boat on the shore side. The articles should be about 3' away from the boat. On the judge's signal, the handler will send the dog to retrieve one article at a time and deliver it to the handler. When the handler has received the third article, he/she will raise it over his/her head to signal completion to the judge.
The dog remains in the water until all three articles are delivered. In the event of extreme wind or current conditions, and at the judge's discretion, the boat may be unmoored and allowed to drift with the articles. The steward is also permitted to manipulate the boat to enable the handler to face the dog. If articles become tangled, the handler may accept one article delivered to hand, but must re-toss the other article.
If articles become trapped under the boat, the judge may direct the handler or the steward to reposition them approximately 3 feet away from the boat.
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