4. Retrieve Fishing Net

4. Retrieve Fishing Net
Demonstrates the dog's training and strength in working with the crew to simulate a historical task of the breed.
Fishing net
A second boat for the steward
Fishing net is in steward's boat
3 minutes
Starting Position
Steward, with fishing net, is in the second boat which is at the opposite 60' marker from the handler's boat.

On the judge's signal, the handler sends the dog to the steward's boat to retrieve the fishing net.

When the dog reaches the steward's boat, the steward directs the dog to take the floating line end of the fishing net in its mouth.

The dog returns to the handler's boat and delivers the net. When the exercise is finished, handler drops the end of the line back into the water and the steward retracts the fishing net line.
The steward may not physically signal or speak to the dog before it reaches the half way mark. Two to three feet of the floating line end of the fishing net may hang over the edge of the steward's boat and be visible to the dog as the dog approaches.
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