4. Retrieve Dummy between Two Boats

4. Retrieve Dummy between Two Boats
Demonstrates handler's control and the dog's ability to work with the handler at a distance.
Retrieving dummy (in the handler's boat)
Two boats with platforms
1 minute
Starting Position
The steward rows out to the handler's boat and the dog boards the platform of the steward's boat. The steward may anchor with the stern of his/her boat at the opposite 60' marker. Both boats will be held in a line parallel to shore with their sterns at least 50' apart. On the judge's signal, the handler throws the dummy into the water approximately halfway between the two boats and away from shore, so that the dummy lands at least 25' from the stern of each boat. On a signal from the judge, the handler directs the dog to jump into the water and retrieve the dummy, which the dog delivers to the handler.
At the beginning of this exercise, the floating line is given to the steward and left in the steward's boat for exercise #5. At the conclusion of the Retrieve Between Two Boats, as the dog is boarding the handler's boat, the steward quietly places the floating line in the water on the far side of his/her boat, approximately 50' from the stern of the handler's boat and no closer than 15' to the nearest marker. The steward then rows out of the area.

The steward is not permitted to touch or direct the dog by hand or by voice before, while or after the dog boards his/her boat. Once the steward begins rowing away from the handler's boat the dog may not leave the steward's boat until it is sent to retrieve the dummy. There is no steward sitting beside the dog on the platform of the steward's boat; steward is in rowing position.
After the dog has boarded the handler's boat, the handler must keep the dog from watching the steward place the floating line for exercise #5 until the steward has rowed out of the area. The dog should be positioned facing away from the steward's boat. The handler is permitted to touch the dog to prevent it from looking at the steward's boat.
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