4. Timed Swim with Handler

4. Timed Swim with Handler
Demonstrates dog's swimming ability and endurance over a longer distance and handler's control of the dog over a longer period of time.
2 minutes; 1 minute timed swimming
Starting Position
On the judge’s signal, the dog and the handler enter the water together. Timing of the exercise begins when the judge says, “you may begin.” Once the dog reaches swimming depth, it must swim for 1 minute, after which the dog and handler exit the water together. Timing of the exercise ends when the team crosses the 3' line. The handler may walk or swim at any time during the exercise. If at any time during swim the dog touches bottom or starts to walk the dog will be disqualified.

During the swim the team may go to the 60-foot marker, but not beyond the Water Test Area (which extends 15 feet beyond the 60-foot marker). The judge will signal when the one minute swim is up at which time the team will return to shore.
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