2. Blind Retrieve of Floating Line

2. Blind Retrieve of Floating Line
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to leave the water and go to shore on command, and ability to follow handler's directions in locating an object whose placement the dog did not see and which is not highly visible.
Floating line (left with judge's steward upon team's entry into the water test area).
2 minutes
Starting Position
During the previous exercise, judge's steward places the floating line on shore in the test area, 1 to 2 feet over the three-foot line on the land side, parallel to the water. The floating line may be stretched out or placed in a pile at the judge's discretion. The handler is given time to visually locate the floating line. On the judge's signal, the handler sends the dog into the water and directs the dog towards shore to find and retrieve the floating line. Once the dog enters the water with the float line, the dog must return to the handler and deliver the float line without leaving the water again. "Entering the water" and "leaving the water" means all four feet to cross the three-foot line.
The steward is inactive during this exercise. All persons including the judge must remain at least 25' away from the floating line. The dog is permitted to cross the three-foot line in the process of retrieving the floating line so long as the dog is working.
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