1. Underwater Retrieve

1. Underwater Retrieve
Demonstrates the dog's ability to retrieve and deliver an underwater object. In the process of retrieving the underwater object, the dog’s full face must be submerged to include the eyes.
There are three objects allowed. The bait bucket, wiffle ball, and a three-handled fetch toy. See Description and Illustration of Regulation Equipment and Appendix B.
1 minute from the time the object sinks.
Starting Position
The handler and dog enter the water to a depth of water that will allow the dog to complete the task as required. The dog must be at the handler's side (either side), facing the same direction as the handler. Dog and handler will be parallel to shore. The area from the dog's head to the dog's shoulder shall be approximately in line with the handler's hip. On the judge's signal, the handler places the object in the water at arm's length in front of the dog and parallel to shore. The object must sink immediately. As soon as the object sinks, and without further direction from the judge, the handler sends the dog and the dog retrieves the object and delivers it to hand above the surface of the water.
The handler may lead the dog into position by the collar or harness. The handler may re-toss the object up to a total of two times within the time allowed if he/she believes the dog does not see it or for any other reason. The handler may not touch the dog during a re-toss. The judge must be notified of the intention to re-toss on each occasion. The handler may point but may not put a hand in the water to assist the dog in locating the object. The handler remains in place and does not move closer than arm’s length to the object unless repositioning it. As soon as the dog brings the object above the water’s surface, the handler may step in as close as desired to the dog and object in order to take delivery of the object. If the dog paws the object ashore, the object is repositioned in the required depth of water in order for the dog to submerge its full face, including eyes, with no additional time allowed. The dog must remain in the water during this exercise until the object is delivered. If the dog leaves the water and crosses the three-foot line with or without the object, the dog fails the exercise.
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