1. Courier Pouch Exchange

1. Courier Pouch Exchange
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to go to others on command and cooperate with crewmembers.
Two courier pouches
A second steward's boat
One pouch is in handler's boat and one is in steward's boat.
2 minutes
Starting Position
On the judge's signal, handler commands dog to jump into the water and directs the dog to take the courier pouch in its mouth OR dog may be given the pouch and then commanded to jump into the water. Pouch may also be attached to the harness but must be attached to the harness before the dog enters the water. Dog delivers pouch to steward in second boat. After receiving the first pouch, the steward directs the dog to take or attaches the second courier pouch; the dog returns to handler and delivers the pouch.
Steward may show the pouch to the dog when the dog is about halfway from the steward's boat. Steward may call or speak to the dog at that time.
Neither the handler nor the steward may throw the pouch into the water and command the dog to take it.
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