Junior Exercises

Objective: To provide an introduction to water work. To demonstrate the dog's readiness for and interest in water tasks and ability to perform basic skills necessary for title level work.
Overview: The Junior Water Dog level consists of four exercises: retrieve a dummy from shore, board a boat and ride with the handler, call a dog from shore to boat and swim a measured distance with the handler. Junior water dog handlers are encouraged to use the club boat equipped with a step. Dogs competing at the Junior Water Dog level will be awarded a Junior Water Dog Certificate upon successful completion of all Junior Water Dog Exercises. The Junior Water Dog level is not a titling level. A dog may compete at the Junior Water Dog level at any time during its lifetime, however; if said dog holds any water titles, said dog is not eligible to enter the Junior Water Dog level at the National Specialty. A Junior Water Dog who has qualified as a JWD within 30 days of the National Specialty may compete again at this level as long as said dog is not otherwise titled.
The Following are the Junior Exercises:
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