1. Retrieve Dummy from Shore

1. Retrieve Dummy from Shore
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to enter the water and ability to retrieve.
1 minute
Starting Position
Dog may be held by the harness or collar until the judge signals to send the dog.
On the judge's signal, the handler or steward will throw the dummy at least 25' from shore into the water. On the judge's signal, the handler sends the dog. The dog will enter the water and go to the dummy, pick it up and bring it to the handler.
Delivery to hand is not required; however, the dog must cross the three-foot line and drop the dummy close enough to the handler so that he/she can recover the dummy from where he/she is standing behind the three-foot line. Handler is not permitted to move more than one or two steps in any direction once the dog has left the water. The handler’s feet may move in place as he/she turns to receive the dummy.
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