Courier Exercises

Objective: To demonstrate the dog's proficiency in performing useful tasks which reflect the breed's historical value as an accomplished courier and contributing crew member.
Overview: The Courier Water Dog level consists of five exercises: a courier pouch exchange from boat to boat, a blind retrieve of a floating line located on shore, a directed double retrieve, retrieve of a fishing net from a second boat and placement of a buoy ball.
Note: If the dog “leaves the water” during any of the following exercises:
#1 – Courier Pouch Exchange, #3 – Directed Double Retrieve From Boat, #4 – Retrieve Fishing Net, or #5 – Buoy Ball Placement, it shall fail that exercise.
Note: Boat Positions: Stern of handler's boat is anchored or steadied at one of the 60' site markers on the shore side of the marker for all of the exercises. In the first four exercises at this level, the steward's boat is held with its stern at the opposite 60' site marker from the handler's boat. Both boats are positioned as nearly parallel to shore as possible and a minimum distance of 50' is maintained between their sterns during the exercises. How the boat will be held at the marker will be determined by the judge based on conditions. This might be mooring buoy, one or two anchors, use of oars by steward or other means. Boats may be positioned farther than 60' from shore if water is insufficiently deep at the site markers to accommodate fishing net without drag.
Division of Equipment: one courier pouch, two identical retrieving dummies and the fishing net go in steward's boat; floating line is left with judge's steward; one courier pouch and the buoy ball go in handler's boat.
The Following are the Courier Exercises:
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