3. Dummy Carry, Boat Ride and Recall

3. Dummy Carry, Boat Ride and Recall
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to carry an article on land and bring it to the boat, ability to remain under control on a moving boat until called to shore, and to exit the boat under control.
Dummy Boat with platform
30 seconds to carry the dummy, deliver it to handler and board boat; 60-foot boat ride; 30 seconds to leave the boat and return to handler.
Starting Position
Handler with dummy is standing on land 25' away from the boat (parallel or perpendicular to the shoreline) and facing the boat. Dog is at the handler's side or otherwise under control.
Steward will secure the boat keeping it in water deep enough that it will float freely once the team has boarded. On the judges signal the handler places the dummy in the dog's mouth, without touching the dog. The dog holds the dummy while the team moves together to the stern of the boat, where (without further direction from the judge) the dog delivers the dummy to the handler. The dummy must be delivered to hand either near the stern, or on the platform. The handler passes the dummy to the steward. Depending on the point of delivery, the team or the handler boards the boat. Boat ride begins as soon as the team is in position (team is in position when the handler is seated on the platform and the dog is under control on the platform). Dog must remain under control on the platform while the steward rows the boat approximately 60 feet out from the three-foot line. Dog remains on the platform while the boat returns close to shore but still in floating water. A steward may intercept the boat before it runs aground. The judge will signal the end of the boat ride.

The handler then instructs the dog to remain on the platform while he/she exits the boat and goes to shore. When the handler is standing behind the three-foot line, the judge will signal her/him to call the dog. Timing of the recall begins when the handler calls the dog. The exercise ends when the dog crosses the three-foot line and is under control.
The same dummy is used for this exercise and the Retrieve Dummy from Shore exercise.
During the first part of this exercise, which ends when the dummy is delivered, or when time runs out, the dog may board the boat platform but may not enter the boat. Once the second part (boat ride) begins, as outlined in the exercise, the dog must remain on the platform.
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