4. Retrieve Floating Line from Shore

4. Retrieve Floating Line from Shore
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to retrieve an article that has been placed by someone other than the handler and deliver it to hand.
10' floating line
2 minutes
Starting Position
On the judge’s signal the steward, with floating line, will row across the test site approximately 60' from shore and parallel to the 60' markers and place the floating line in the water on the shore side of the boat. The steward splashes the line several times to attract the dog's attention, but will not call out to the dog. When the floating line is in place, the judge will ask "are you ready?" The handler may respond when he/she thinks the position of the boat and the line are the most advantageous for a successful retrieve of the floating line. When the handler gives an affirmative response, he/she must release the dog. Upon hearing the response, the judge will tell the handler "you may begin" at which time the handler must send the dog. The dog retrieves the line and (without further direction from the judge) will cross the 3-foot line with all four paws before delivering the float line to the handler.
The judge will not ask the handler if he or she is ready before signaling the steward to place the line. The dog does not have to bring the entire float line out of the water, but must cross the three-foot line with all four paws to make the delivery. The floating line is placed rather than tossed in the water.
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