1. Double Directed Retrieve

Between Two Boats

1. Double Directed Retrieve Between Two Boats
Demonstrates the dog’s willingness to board a boat with only a rower, remain on the boat until sent and take direction from a distance to retrieve multiple articles.
Two retrieving dummies (on handler’s boat)
A handler’s boat and second steward's boat
20 seconds to board the boat; 2 minutes for the double-directed retrieve
Starting Position
Other: Handler and dog are at the stern of the handler boat, which is free- floating at the shoreline within the test area. The secondary boat is also free- floating.
Boats shall be approximately 20’ apart. Both boats shall be free floating so that when the dog and handler board their respective boats, the boats shall remain free-floating. Upon the judge’s signal to begin, the handler will direct the dog to board the platform of the steward’s boat (with only a boat steward rower, no substitute steward). Handler shall remain at the stern of the handler boat. Once the dog has boarded the steward boat, the handler will board the handler boat and both boats will row to their respective markers. The handler boat shall hook up to the marker before proceeding. On the judge’s direction, handler will throw two dummies, 50 feet apart from each other and at least 25’ from the stern of each boat (in the “diamond” pattern set forth in the Courier Water Dog Double-Directed Retrieve exercise). The package will determine which dummy (lake side or shore side) is thrown first. The order of the dummy retrieval shall be determined at the judge’s briefing. On the judge’s signal, the handler sends the dog. When the dog delivers the first retrieved dummy to the handler, he/she sends the dog to retrieve the second dummy and the dog delivers it to the handler.
If the dog boards the handler boat instead of the steward boat, it shall fail the exercise. If the dog leaves the platform after the exercise has begun,and any time prior to the judge directing the handler to send the dog for retrieval, the dog shall fail.
The handler may direct the dog to the correct dummy at any time before or after it enters the water. The dog may not touch the wrong dummy. The dog remains in the water until both retrieves are completed. Should drastic climatic changes occur between the participants, the judge may change the order of the retrieve. If a throw is determined to be inadequate (too close to the stern of either boat or less than 35’ apart), the dummies will be retrieved and re-thrown from the handler’s boat.
After the dog has jumped off of the steward boat, the boat shall return to shore, just outside of the ring to pick up the substitute steward.
While the dog is returning to the handler boat with the second dummy, the land steward shall place the articles on land for the next exercise.
Package B: Shore side thrown first.
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