5. Overboard Blind Retrieve

Followed By Article Placement

5. Overboard Blind Retrieve Followed By Article Placement
Demonstrates the dog’s stamina and willingness to retrieve an overboard object from another boat, immediately followed by an article placement. Shows the dog’s ability to follow multiple directions in succession and willingness to relinquish an object on command at a distance from the handler.
2 Boats
Gear Bag with Fender inside (Package B)
Fender only (Package A)
Buoy Ball (Packages A and B)

3 minutes
Starting Position
When the dog is being boarded onto the handler boat following the previous exercise, the substitute steward boat will row within 25’ of the handler’s boat, the substitute steward will slide the overboard article quietly into the water such that the dog cannot see or hear the placement approximately 25’ from the stern of the handler’s boat. The judge shall determine the approximate placement based on wind and current conditions and may change the location if conditions warrant. The article shall not be splashed into the water. The substitute steward’s boat shall turn and row directly to shore so that it beaches inside of the ring. Substitute Steward and rower shall remain with the boat until the exercise is complete.

Handler and dog are given time to visually locate the overboard article. On the judge’s signal, handler will send dog to begin the exercise. The judge need not wait for the boat to reach shore before the exercise may begin.

The dog must retrieve the overboard article and after delivery to hand, the handler will hand the dog the buoy ball and proceed with the exercise, as in the Courier level Buoy Ball Placement exercise. The dog remains in the water until the exercise is complete.
Package A: Fender shall be placed overboard.
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