3. Net Retrieve with Distraction

3. Net Retrieve with Distraction
Demonstrates the dog’s training and strength in working with the crew to simulate a historical task of the breed while maintaining focus of completing a task when there is added distraction.
Fishing net (on steward’s boat), Dummy (on handler boat), 2 boats with platforms
3 minutes
Starting Position
Steward, with the fishing net, is on the second boat at the opposite marker from the handler’s boat. On the judge’s signal, the dog will be sent to retrieve the fishing net. When the dog reaches the steward’s boat, the steward directs the dog to take the floating line end of the fishing net in its mouth. When the dog has turned and is facing in the direction of the handler, the handler will toss the dummy as a distraction. The dummy will be tossed in a triangular pattern, approximately halfway between the two boats so that the dummy lands at least 25' from the stern of each boat either towards shore or away from shore (as determined by the judge during the briefing). The dog will continue to deliver the fishing net to the handler.

Once the handler has taken delivery of the fishing net, the handler drops the end of the line back into the water and the steward immediately retracts the fishing net line. The dog will be directed to retrieve the dummy. The dog will remain in the water until the dummy has been delivered to hand.
The net shall be on the platform of the steward’s boat at the start of the exercise (it may be contained in a basket or similar container). Once the net has been placed on the platform, the steward may not touch the net until the dog has reached the halfway mark, at which point the steward may move the floating line end into position for the dog to take delivery. The substitute steward may not physically signal or talk to the dog before it reaches the halfway mark.
The dummy must be tossed after the dog has taken the net in it’s mouth and is facing the handler, but before the dog has reached the halfway mark back to the handler boat with the net, so that the dog can see the dummy land in the water. If the handler fails to toss the dummy before the dog reaches the halfway point, it will be an automatic failure. The dummy may not be thrown by the rowing steward in this exercise.
If the dog releases the floating line end of the net, the substitute steward may reel the net in part way to prevent the dog from getting tangled in the underwater net. The substitute steward may not hand the net to the dog again. If the dog touches the dummy before the net is delivered to the handler, it shall be an automatic failure and the substitute steward shall reel the net back into the boat/container and the exercise may not continue.
If the dog goes to shore at any time during this exercise, it shall fail the exercise.
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