2. Board and Boat Ride with Handler

2. Board and Boat Ride with Handler
Demonstrates the dog's willingness to accompany and remain with the handler on a moving boat.
Boat with platform.
30 seconds to board boat, then 30 seconds riding on boat platform.
Starting Position
The boat is at least 10' to the right or left of the dog and handler. A steward, or stewards, standing in the water will secure the boat, keeping it in water deep enough that it will float freely once the team has boarded. Another steward will be seated in rowing position, but will not row. The oars may be shipped inside the boat to insure a clear working area for the steward(s) standing in the water. On the judge's signal to begin, the team boards the boat platform. At this point, timing of the boat ride begins.

The steward(s) standing in the water move(s) the boat while the dog remains under control on the platform until the boat returns to shore and the judge declares, "Exercise finished."
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