1. Gear Bag Retrieve

1. Gear Bag Retrieve
Demonstrates the dog's usefulness as a contributing crewmember and ability to retrieve a weighted bag on command.
A bag containing gear for the Working Water Dog exercises (retrieving dummy, floating line and buoy ball) Boat with platform.
1 minute
Starting Position
OTHER: Handler and dog are at the three-foot line near stern of boat beached at shoreline within test area; team is facing away from the water toward a spot which has been designated as the pick up point for the gear bag.
On the judge’s signal the steward will, in full view of the handler, quietly place the gear bag on land 25' feet away from the team, and move out of the immediate area. On the judge’s signal, the handler will send the dog to retrieve the gear bag. The dog may pull or carry the bag, but must deliver it to the handler. The exercise ends with the delivery of the gear bag. At the conclusion of the exercise, the dog and handler board the boat and the handler brings the gear bag on board.
In this exercise, "anticipation" means the dog leaves the handler's side before being sent.
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