2. Shore Retrieve with Discrimination

2. Shore Retrieve with Discrimination
Demonstrates the dog’s willingness to leave the water and go to shore on command and ability to follow handler’s directions in locating the correct object, whose placement the dog did not see.
Gear bag with buoy ball inside (Package A) or with fender inside (Package B)
Float Line

2 minutes
Starting Position
During the first exercise, the land steward places the two articles on shore in the test area. The articles shall be placed approximately 6 feet apart. The articles will be placed at the same distance behind the 3’ line at the judge’s discretion, a minimum 3’ behind and not more than 25’ behind the 3’ line. The articles will be parallel to the 3’ line. The floating line must be placed in a pile. The handler is given time to visually locate the articles. On the judge’s signal, the handler sends the dog to shore to retrieve the designated article. The article to be retrieved shall be determined by the package. Once the dog enters the water with the correct article, the dog must return to the handler and deliver it without leaving the water again. The dog may pick up the wrong article but may not enter the water with the wrong article.
The judge will determine how far behind the 3’ line the articles will be placed. All persons (excluding the judge who will position him/herself in the safest manner based on the test area configuration) must remain approximately 25’ away from the articles. The dog is permitted to cross the 3’ line in the process of retrieving the article so long as the dog is working.
Once the dog is halfway back to the handler boat, the substitute steward shall board the steward boat and head out to the marker to hook up. The substitute steward boat need not wait for the dog to return to the handler boat before rowing out to the appropriate marker. The second article will be left on shore for the 3-way Exchange exercise and as an added distraction for the net retrieve exercise.
Package B: Gear Bag with Fender inside & Float Line. Float line will be retrieved.
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