Our History

Years ago we started with Siberian Huskies. I had a pet named Sadie…she was the most challenging and difficult dog I ever knew, but her difficult nature drew us close. Then in 1982 David & Sheila Qualls (Indigo Siberians) offered me a show puppy. Her name was CH Indigo's Grand Illusion…I called her PJ, short for Pride & Joy. PJ and I traveled the south going from show to show and I'm proud to say I owner-handled her to her championship and several group placements in the mid-1980's.
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PJ - 1984

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Apache - 1986

As a wedding present, Dave & Sheila Qualls gave us a lovely red & white puppy, named CH Indigo's Chukchi Indian. His call name was Apache and he was incredibly sweet. Apache loved to pull a sled and run in the snow. After finishing his championship, Apache moved to Japan where he served as a foundation dog for the Siberian Husky breed in that country. He was a hero in Japan.
As our family grew we decided that Siberian Huskies were a bit too challenging for us, so we contacted Kitty Cathy (Pekay Golden Retrievers) and she helped us pick out a wonderful Golden Retriever pet named Shooter. We had the best time with Shooter and spent many wonderful hours playing fetch with 2 tennis balls…Shooter would only play with 2 balls, because 1 ball just wasn't challenging enough for him.
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Shooter - 2004

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Marty - 2006

Shooter grew older and was sick with cancer when we met Pekay's Inside Trader (Marty) for the first time. For me it was love at first sight. Marty had a terrible heart condition, but was so beautiful that Kitty didn't have the heart to put her down. We knew Marty wouldn't live a long life, but we brought her home anyway to be sure that however long her life would be, it would be a happy life filled with the joys of being a family pet. She was challenging and wonderful, all at the same time. Marty passed away 1 day shy of her 5th birthday…it was one of the hardest and saddest days we've ever faced.
Sadly, cancer finally caught up with Shooter. A few months after Shooter's passing, Kitty Cathy called to inform us that she had a puppy. His name became Pekay's Magic Man…we called him Merlin. Merlin loved to play fetch, but only with 1 ball, and he loved to get the paper. He loved getting the paper so much he used to get all the neighbor's papers and bring them home. The one word that describes Merlin is sweet. He was the sweetest dog I ever knew. Merlin was diagnosed with Cancer in 2009 and lost his battle with that terrible disease in early 2010. He was such a sweet boy…a good boy…a friend and family member.
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Merlin - 2009

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Reagan & Ace - 2012

We loved our Golden Retrievers and enjoyed every day we spent with them, but after the loss of Merlin we decided our run with Goldens had come to an end. In 2009 we decided to try a new breed…the Portuguese Water Dog. Today we have Reagan and Ace. Both are amazing dogs and we enjoy them so very much. We also have 2 Shih Tzu's, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. Oh yeah, we still have a Pekay Golden Retriever…his name is Indy and he lives with our son.
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