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We love our Portuguese Water Dogs. Ace and Scout have brought us so much joy and enriched our lives in many, many ways. The PWD community is incredibly supportive and works together to insure a bright and healthy future of our wonderful breed. Portuguese Water Dogs are a little crazy, but will absolutely capture your heart with their loyal, loving attitude toward their family.

Portuguese Water Dogs are HIGH ENERGY dogs with an adventurous attitude with a desire to work and learn. PWDs are incredibly smart and will challenge you with a level of mischief that might be unmatched in any other breed.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a Working Breed. The PWD was a loyal companion who accompanied the fisherman aboard his boat. The dog was required to spend long hours working in a variety of ways such as helping with fishing lines or, before the advent of radio, the dog would courier messages from boat to boat or boat to shore. When visiting foreign ports, the Portuguese Water Dog was left to guard the boat and its catch. Our standard reflects the original fisherman's dog: robust, medium sized, athletic-a dog who even today is capable of long periods of exercise and has excellent swimming ability. Only dogs that are particularly good examples of the breed, as defined by the standard, should be considered for breeding.

To learn more about the Portuguese Water Dog, please visit the following pages on the Blackwater PWD site: Breed History, Breed Standard, PWD Health. Before purchasing any puppy, you should download and read the free series called, “Puppy on a String,” Written by Maryanne Murray. You can download your copy by clicking here.

For the best information, visit the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America web site. You can find it by clicking here:
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