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Gold GCH CH Aviator's Blackjack Legacy,

CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack X GCH CH Aviator's Luck Be A Lady

Gold GCH CH Aviator's Blackjack Legacy, BN,CD, RN, CGCA, NA, NAJ, OF, TKI, CWDX, MAC-3, SROM (Ace) is an excellent combination of the old-school type and the more refined traits of today's PWDs. Ace is solid...he has a ton of bone, substantial muzzle and broad head, a wonderful, playful personality, and a thick luxurious black coat.
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In 2015 Ace was the #1 ranked PWD in the country (Breed points), until he retired from the show ring mid-year. But Ace is more than just a "show dog." He's also an incredible performance dog…he has great focus (with a touch of PWD mischief). He's a very strong swimmer with tremendous courage, strength and endurance. In the coming months, you will find Ace at a water or agility trial near you. Come on out and give Amazing Ace a'll be glad you did!

OFA Hips: Good | Elbows: Normal | CERF: PW-378434
JDCM: 1-1 | GM1: Normal | PRA: Normal | IC: Normal

Gold GCH CH Aviator's Blackjack Legacy,

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Who’s #1? Ace, of course! That’s right, in 2015 Ace spends 6 months as the #1 Portuguese Water Dog in the country (Breed Points). While Ace is only a “part time” show dog, he wins a lot! He’s just a beautiful boy.
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Ace’s last show was in September, 2016 at the PWD National Specialty. Ace won the Working Group against a strong class of GCH dogs. In his show career, Ace earned his Gold GCH, won many, many BOB Awards, and multiple group placements. Now Ace moves on to new adventures!

Candid Shots of Ace

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Baby Ace…Our first picture of 00-Ace

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Ace with Judy Leather - February 2012

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Ace with CJ Favre - 2012 National Specialty

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Baby Ace with Cathy Dugan…so cute!

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Water Work - June 2012

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Ace with Maryanne Murray - September 2012

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Ace with Margaret White - February 2012

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Hanging Out - September 2012

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Futurity Win - 2012 National Specialty

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Rock Climbing Ace - October 2012

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Junior Water Dog - July 2013

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Snowy Ace - January 2014

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Courier Water Dog Excellent!! October 2015

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Novice Fast Agility Title - May 2017

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The Face! - May 2013

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Apprentice Water Dog - July 2013

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Hanging Out - May 2014

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Ace Runs Agility - May 2016

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Five Runs, 5 Passes! July 2017

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Grand Championship - April 2013

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Working Water Dog - August 2013

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Courier Water Dog!! August 2014

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First Versatility Dog 2016!

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Agility at the 2017 National Specialty